mariaq81 (mariaq81) wrote in bareescentuals,

Introduce Yourselfs

Ok this forum is boring, Everyone introduce themselves :)
When did your addiction begin, and what was your first BE product ever
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Hi! I'm Carrie, 24, live in San Diego, CA.

My addiction began a few years back when I purchased the beginner kit from Nordies in Colorado (used to live in Boulder). I've since had or tried just about every color that BE has. I don't have full sizes of every color, but I've had samples, and some that I've swapped away.

I'm wearing cupcake & tiara eyeshadows today :) and will probably put on some Brandi buxom soon! Woo.

Oh yeah, my first product was the beginner kit in fair-light :)
Hi Carrie!!!

Im Maria. I live in Hawaii, but am from San Diego myself and will be moving back this winter :) Do you visit the fashion valley or utc boutique?
Hi! I'm Dale, 28, and from Boston, MA.

My addiction started just about a year ago. I bought the starter kit in Fair-Light and haven't stopped since.

Today I'm wearing the Free to Be - Elegant kit that I just bought yesterday. It's another instant favorite. :)
Ive been using 2 years, and have over 400 e/s colors. Have enough for about 20 lives ha ha. First kit I puchased was the introductory kit at the Q.