Your Chirpy Breakfast Companion (anarchodandyist) wrote in bareescentuals,
Your Chirpy Breakfast Companion

Bare Escentuals Eye Club

Hello all,
I'm an established BE addict (thanks to a friend of mine who worked there a couple years ago - curse her, getting me BE for Christmas!), just joined the community :)

I joined the BE Eye Club a few months ago, and I'm curious whether anyone knows the order/contents of the shipments you receive? I just got my second shipment, and while I was delighted to get two of the colors, the third was a duplicate of one I had *just* purchased. I'd love to know what I can expect in future shipments so I don't accidentally buy an eye color that I'm going to get in the mail a month later :P

And since we're on the subject, if anybody wants to swap a sealed full-size Sex Kitten for another eye color, I'd be delighted to trade (I don't really foresee using up the entire pot of Sex Kitten that I have any time in, oh, the next five years, so I don't really need an extra).

- Maggie
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