irisira03 (irisira03) wrote in bareescentuals,

When do you toss your eye shadow?

My eyes have been bothering me lately, and I was sure that it was due to the fact that I was wearing cheap mascara. So, I bit the bullet and bought some BE mascara. My eyes aren't bothering me *as much*, but they're still a little sore.

It got me thinking ... maybe it's my eye shadow, NOT my mascara?

I have the following:
- 4 eyeshadows that were gifts from Christmas '07 (BE)
- 2 eyeshadows that were purchased ~ Spring/Summer '08 (BE)
- 2 eyeshadows that were purchased in June '09 (EM)
- All other eyeshadows purchased in November '09 (6, I think? Not sure exactly, they came in sample packs from EM)

I am pretty sure the eyeshadows bought in 2009 are probably fine ... but the older ones? Should I toss those?
I hate the idea of chucking them, because there's still a lot left in the containers, but if that's the eye culprit, I probably should, huh?

Also - wondering ... what is your favorite brush-cleaning routine?
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