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Bare Minerals NEW High Shine Eyecolors

Happy Thursday!

Project Runway on tonight! Splee! Oh and if you go into a BE boutique or online today you can get a chance to grab new holiday stuff before anyone else! What new holiday stuff, you ask? CHECK IT!

High Shine Eyecolors
*Click for larger image!*

These are AWESOME. They are basically the same idea as a pigment, but they are SO creamy and blend so seamlessly. They also have a soft, sponge tip applicator, which, personally I think they could do without, but it does make for a handy application on-the-go and save the need for buying a brush.

Now for an obscene amount of pictures.







Frost sponge-tip

Gilded sponge-tip

Bronzed sponge-tip

Patina sponge-tip

Moonshine sponge-tip

Electric sponge-tip

Frost swatch
As you can see, Frost is a super high shine silver. Gorg! This will be perfect for the holidays and New Years Eve!

Gilded swatch
Gilded is a beautiful soft gold. I like this because it's not a bright, yellow gold, definitely softer with obvious shine!

Bronzed swatch
A beautiful bronze color! If you wanted more color from Gilded, this has it.

Patina swatch
OMG I love this color! It lives up to its name, because, and correct me if I'm wrong, a patina on something is kind of this dirty silver kind of color? But it has hints of green! Like a dirty silvery olive green? Yeah, let's go with that! LOVE IT!

Moonshine swatch
Don't get me wrong, this color is beautiful on (I'll post pictures of me wearing it on my page) but I really wanted the color on the box! This is more of a pink/purple/mauve. The color on the box is a gorgeous grape color! I wanted that color on my eyes!! Still like it though.

Electric swatch
If you're looking for big color payoff (and one that actually matches its box) then Electric is it! It's a beautiful teal color with loads of shine. I can see this being incorporated into a mermaid look for Halloween...? :)

My verdict: You HAVE to get Patina and Electric! They are gorgeous colors! If you're looking for softer, more natural colors to give a nice glow to your eyes, go with Moonshine and Gilded. Or just get all of them!! They're only $16 which is a steal and you don't get sooooo much product that you'll never go through all of it! I have a couple Pigments from MAC and I almost NEVER use them and those are $19.5, so even though you get more product for $3.5 more, it's WAAAAAAY more product! And the High Shine Eyecolors are MUCH easier to apply and they have their own applicators.

Hope you enjoyed! Get 'em while they're here, because they're not coming back until October or November!

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