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Hey all,

Got some new stuff from BE for you! I showed the High Shine Eyecolors a few days ago, and this is just an extension of that. These will be available sometime in October.

*Click for larger images!*
BE Cares Eyecolor in Enlightened

Notice how the "i.d" that used to appear on the lids is missing? Yep, we got rid of that. The reason? No idea. I speculate though that it was confusing customers. People know this brand as Bare Minerals, so why not just label it as such? Makes sense to me.

This color is called "Enlightened". It is one of our BE Cares eyecolors. Every three months or so, Bare Escentuals puts out a philanthropy eyecolor where most or all of the profits go to benefit a specific organization, and this time the donation goes to Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Enlightened is described as a golden sunset sheen.

You can see that "golden sunset sheen" describes this color perfectly!

The thing that I like about this color is that it doesn't seem too warm or cool, nor too yellow. It would be a nice highlight color under the brow, and of course a great all over lid color.

Summary: I am proud to tell customers about any kind of BE Cares eyecolor, because it's usually a beautiful, unique color that supports an awesome cause.  I try to get every one. In fact, I might show some of the other ones from the past! Get this color because not only will it benefit the LLS with a donation of $13 every time one is purchased, but you'll also get a brand new gorgeous color!

Big, Bright and Brilliant: Trio of Mini Eyeliners

A cute little gift giving kit! The colors honestly aren't that impressive, but it's a great stocking stuffer or just a good way to have a variety of eyeliners. These are supposedly different from the normal eyeliners available because they have more of a light-reflecting pearl to them (aka glitter/shimmer) but honestly I can't really tell when I put them on. You'll see in the swatches.

You get three colors: Black Gold, Black Diamond and Midnight Moon.

Black Gold is described as an "antique gold".

Black Diamond is described as a "black sheen".

Midnight Moon is described as a "navy shimmer".

L to R: Black Gold, Black Diamond and Midnight Moon
As you can see, there is a very slight shimmer to these. The Black Gold and Black Diamond look almost identical, not to mention something that could easily pass for ordinary black eyeliner, and the Midnight Moon is definitely more interesting, but if compared to the Midnight color currently sold through the line, it would probably look identical.

Summary: For $28, this is a pretty good deal for three new eyeliners (one full size eyeliner is $14), and also a great gift giver/stocking stuffer. They are a smaller size, so unfortunately you're missing out on the awesome invention of the sharpener and smudger on the end that would normally be on the full sizes. If you're trying Bare Minerals eyeliners for the first time, go with this kit. If you're giving as a gift or to stuff a stocking, go with this kit. Even if you're just a collector (like me), go with it, but honestly you can probably pass it up and use your $28 instead for our next kit.

Buxom Babes: Rock Stars

OMG how cute is this?! The artist, Neryl Walker, is absolutely AAAAAAmazing!! I have a few Buxom girls set aside as ideas for tattoos :) But Anyway, these are completely new EXCEPT for Gabby, which personally I don't really like on me anyway. The other colors are so great though!

So yes, they are a mini size, but still pretty good amount of product and great for on-the-go in your purse or clutch. Here we have Gabby.

Here is Tonya. Excited for this color!

This is Julie.

And this is Blanche. I <3 that name!

Gabby applicator. It's the doe foot applicator which some people love and some people hate. For the Buxoms, I love the doe foot, but personally for me I don't care, as long as the product gets on my lips somehow. The Buxom doe foot applicators are always soft and feel great on my lips.

Tonya applicator. Just wait until you see this color!

Julie applicator.

Blanche applicator.

Gabby swatch. The education sheet I received describes it as a "grapewine shimmer". This description is pretty accurate, I just don't like it on me.

Tonya swatch. It's described as "electric pink", and I think they are exaggerating a bit when they say "electric". It definitely looks like it in the tube, but on it's much softer on the lips. It reminds me of strawberry lemonade :)

Julie swatch. It's described as "tulip pink".

Blanche swatch. It's described as a "shimmering nude".

Gabby on my lips. I wear Golden Fair in the Bare Minerals, so I'm pretty light. I think this color is just too dark or too purple on me. I was just never a fan of this color on me. On everyone else, however, it looks pretty good.

Yay Tonya! It's such a pretty color on the lips, and I can definitely see myself wearing this with a coordinating pink lipstick for that "electric pink" color.

Here is Julie. It's the most wearable, besides Blanche, but it just gives you a soft pink glow on your lips. It kind of reminds me of the Katie Buxom but definitely with a little bit more color.

So here is Blanche. Compare it to the photo of Julie above. They look almost identical! Blanche is a little bit lighter due to its "nude" hue, but because my lips are naturally pink, it looks like a very light pink color with a nice shimmer. Like I said, very wearable.

Summary: If you're addicted to Buxom, of course you have to have this kit. I am probably never going to wear Gabby, so I will most likely give it away as a gift. Which is another reason why I like this kit. It's very affordable and just a cute little box for gift-giving. Or you can split up the colors and stuff them into stockings and whatnot. All in all, it's fun and cute little kit that's great for gifts or collecting. I usually get all the Buxoms because they're my favorite and usually the colors are awesome, plus I love the artwork on the boxes! I definitely collect all the boxes!

Well, that was a crapload of stuff, and hopefully you enjoyed it all!


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